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[Feature] Transfer Awakening/SoTA
Required: Scroll of Transfer Awakening
[Image: sota.png]

In this example, I will use these two items.
[Image: vg.png]       [Image: Gurdian-Sword.png]

Go to NPC[Jewel Manager] Peach
[Image: peach.png]

Let's say, I would like to transfer the STR+511 and DEX+511 from Vanguard to Guardian Sword!

Awakes item from. And check the awakes you want to transfer.
 [Image: step1.png] 

To what item you want to transfer the awakes
[Image: step2.png]

Scroll of Transfer Awakening
[Image: step3.png]

DONE! Note: Max line awakes (3x)
 [Image: step4.png]

Q: Where can I get/buy this?
A: 1. Donate Shop [50 DP]
     2. NPC Yodub worth 400 [Death Match Points]
     3. NPC Wakatu worth 100,000 [Red Chips]

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