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[GUIDE] Team Death Match
Team Death Match War
Schedule: Every Sunday — 5 PM!

-A bidding PvP System
-Automated Random select Team Mates
-10 Minutes End Time
-Min players: 6
-Max players: 40

-To bid/register Death Match Ticket is required. You can only get this item in the collecting area..
-The total bidders must be Even (can be divide by 2)
-The total bidders will divide into two Teams [Team Red and Team Blue]
-All offline bidders will automatically kick out during TDM Open.
If the total bidders are odd (Ex: 7, 9, 11 or any number that can not be divide into 2)
-The last and the lowest bidder will be remove (can not join).

Tip: Bid as many as you can.

Winner Team: 500 DMPs and 5 F4S Coins
Loser Team: 100 DMPs

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