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[Farm] World Bosses / Giants and Drops
Basilisk of the Great Maw
[Image: Basil.png]
Drops: Ultimate Gold Parts!  (End-Gear for NDGS)

[God of Wrath] Kalgas
[Image: Kalgas.png]
Drops:  SoFA and End-Cloaks! (End-Gear for NDGS)

[God of Death] Lord Ankou
[Image: Ankou.png]
Drops: Ultimate Gold Weapons and Behemoth Weapons/BlackShield! (End-Gear for NDGS)

Chief Keokuk
[Image: Chief.png]
Drops: Vanguard (End-Gear for NDGS)

Great Tuko
[Image: Great-Tuko.png]
Drops: Mickey Parts (End-Gear for NDGS)

Guan Yu Heavyblade
[Image: Guanyu.png]
Drops: Wise Dragon Parts (End-Gear[Mask] for NDGS)

[Deathbringer] Kheldor
[Image: Kheldor.png]
Drops: Precious Beads and Chaos Punk Parts!

All Madrigal Giants [Ex: Giant Aibatt]
Drops: Death Match Points!

All Azria Monsters
Drops: Red Chips

Dark Traseia Monsters
Drops: Red Chips (applicable only in DTT 3days)

World Bosses

[Yggdrasil Armor Bug]
[Yggdrasil Queen Ant]
[Yggdrasil Guardian Ant]
[Yggdrasil Ant]
Drops: Ygg parts, Crystal Scroll, Crystal Stone and Ultimate Crystal Scroll.

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