F4S Rev.2.0 Part 1
All Test Character can join the Guild Siege!

Not Allowed on Test Character
- Trade
- Send Mail
- Bank
- Guild Bank
- Join party
- Outside of Flarine Town or other maps.
- Monster Clash and TDM
- Can't enter on GS map every Saturday 6pm to 11:50pm
- No Reward on Guild Siege
- Points or score in Guild Siege will not reflect on ranking

Allowed on Test Character
- Join GS except Sat ( 6pm to 11:50pm)
- Arena
- Receive mail
- Join Guild

Other changes
- Guild Siege every 30mins 1 round only.
- Lineup time 3mins, warmup 2mins, maintenance 50secs
- 30 Lives on GS
- Main GS NDG 8:00pm and NDGS 8:30pm Saturday
- Guild Siege minimum bid 1 Red Chip
- No Leveling Required.

Menu available on NPC Frankie to enter  Test Arena.

Command on Test Character (make sure you are in Test Arena.
First put the item on first slot of your inventory then type these commands