Update & Changes
Guild Siege New Schedules
12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm (or every 3hrs)
All sessions has 5 rounds, 1-3 DGS & 4-5 NDGS
Main DGS 6pm session @ 3rd round, Saturday
Main NDGS 6pm session @ 4th round, Saturday

Newbie Freebies
New character will receive freebies after choosing their class (Non-Tradable)

Fashion Added on NPC Donaris
Tidus Set (M) - 50 f4s
Kirito Set (M) - 50 f4s
Rei Set (F) - 50 f4s
Jasmine Arcane (F) - 50 f4s

Other Changes
- Drop Rates on all Dungeons were increased and Shield rates is now the same rates of Xgg Weapons
- Ants Boss drop chance slightly increased.
- Ygg to Xgg conversion  Rates is increased.
- Xgg Upgrade from +16 to +20 slightly increased by 3%   
- Test Characters are not accessible starting March 1, 2021.


Tonight GM will summon (Sunday, Feb 21, 2021)

[EVENT] Silverwing Duchess
[EVENT] Ace Silverwing Dutchess

Drops Xgg Weapons and Shields (High Chance of drops, 10pcs each monster and if you have Acquisition High, total drops will be 30pcs.)